Our clothing is inspired by the life around us, and by the people who visit our hometown looking for a change of pace. These seasonal residents of Muskoka come for watersports, hiking, camping, golf, boating, and whatever else their urban hearts desire. And we’re here to make sure they look good while doing it.

We want to give these people a destination to shop for all the action that Muskoka offers. A place that is just as much a part of their experience as their swims in the lake. Whatever they might be getting up to, and however long they might be staying, we’ve got everything they need to look as good as they’re feeling.

Our curated selection of apparel is ever-changing, designed to keep up with the exciting lives of our seasonal patrons. So, whether they are living it up in the countryside, or whether they’ve gone home to their towns and cities, they can always wear Muskoka.